Netscape 6 Preview Release

Netscape 6 Preview Release Netscape 6 Preview Release Netscape 6 Preview Release

The Internet has evolved at an extraordinary pace, and browsing software has brought easy information access to millions of people. While early browsers revolutionized the Internet, browsers have grown in size and complexity with every release and have failed to implement Web standards consistently, holding back the development of richer web applications and content.
Netscape is fulfilling its promise to deliver a new browser that is small in size, leads the industry in standards compliance and can run across a wide variety of platforms from traditional PC desktops to new computing devices. This new groundbreaking browser is Netscape 6.
Netscape 6 offers users unmatched convenience features and the ability to stay connected to important information, while offering users the flexibility to deeply customize the browser to fit their individual needs and personality. To deliver these benefits, Netscape 6 offers innovative functionality in these key areas:
Small download size and speed
Standards support
My Sidebar
Same time messaging integrated with browsing and mail
Themes (coming soon)
A preview release of Netscape 6 is now available for download.


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