New Philips monitor could be the perfect console gaming display

If you feel like none of the currently available gaming monitors out there really offer what you want or are missing key features, then perhaps Philips' new Momentum 436M6VBPAB will tick all of your boxes. It's a 43-inch, 4K, HDR display with adaptive sync, quantum dots, ambiglow, DTS sound, a 4ms response time and a higher-than-average refresh rate.

What more do you need?

Philips claims that this is "the world's first display to comply with the new VESA DisplayHDR 1000 standard, meaning more lifelike, vibrant visuals with superior brightness, depth, and nuance". That's rather impressive in its own right, but with all of its additional features, we're hard pressed to think of anything else we'd like it to have.

If you're worried about a 4ms response time -- which you really shouldn't -- then Philips also leveages something called "Pixel Overdrive," which it claims eliminates ghosting entirely. With automated ambiglow surround lighting, your environment will match your gameplay for added immersion too.

The only real weakness of this display is its max refresh rate is 80hz, but considering it's being targeted at console gamers, most of whom don't often see anything over 60FPS, that's less of a problem and provides a noticeable boost to in-game smoothness for titles that can support it.

Better yet, you can get all of this for just $1,000. That's not cheap, but it's far more affordable than a lot of gaming displays and at that size, it could be the perfect upgrade for your living room gaming system.

Buy one now at Amazon.

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