The new Pokémon TCG beta starts February 22

The new Pokémon TCG beta starts February 22

If you've been keeping an eye on the new Pokémon TCG that the Pokemon Company has been teasing for a while, you'll soon get a chance to take it for a spin, as on February 22 a limited beta will open up for PC and Mac users, as well as iOS and Android players to try. It will start with Canada only, for some reason, but it seems likely that more betas in other regions will follow in short order as the developers scale up for a final release.

The Pokémon card game has been one of the most enduring of its genre, spanning decades and thousands of cards, with millions of players over its lifespan. The digital versions haven't always stood up to the spectacle and popularity of the real card game though, so it's no surprise that with the growth of the genre on digital platforms, a new Pokémon card game is hitting a wide range of platforms in 2022.

The new game will enjoy better graphics and visual effects, a more streamlined crossplay experience, and access to all of your favorite cards -- though maybe not all of them at launch. You will, however, get a cartoony Pokemon Master avatar, so there's that.

The Pokemon Company is promising a mix of PvP play with other trainers all over the world, daily challenges to complete, a customizable experience with deck building and avatar tweaks, and the ability to buy new cards and packs with in-game currency.

Look out for the beta going live in Canada (or anywhere else if you play with a VPN) on February 22.