New Take On WW2 Shooters

New Take On WW2 Shooters New Take On WW2 Shooters

Codemasters revealed Turning Point: Fall of Liberty as the new and official name for the upcoming alternate-reality WWII shooter currently in development at Spark Unlimited.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is scheduled as a major Q4 '07 launch for Codemasters, and will be available for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

In 1931 Winston Churchill survived being struck by a taxi while crossing the street in New York. What if Churchill had died and wasn't alive to voice the battle cry that inspired the Allied troops to confront the Nazi war machine? What if England had surrendered to Hitler? What if there was no D-Day, and Pearl Harbor never happened? What if the United States never entered WWII until WWII came knocking at its front door?

In the midst of this evolved WWII reality, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty opens in 1952 as Nazi forces land a well planned surprise attack on the gateway of the United States eastern coast - New York. Nazi battleships quickly take the harbour, German aircraft pound the city streets with ordinance, and Zeppelins and assault blimps deploy troops to take the city block by block. With New York falling to pieces, and Washington D.C. in enemy sights, will anyone be able to stop the Nazi Blitzkrieg on American soil.

Striking a unique balance between wartime authenticity while also bringing a fresh perspective to the WWII genre through an alternate timeline and advanced weaponry, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty will be a very personal battle for the player. As a civilian in these new battlegrounds, it's time to fight afresh against the world's most notorious war machine.