Nintendo: Bigger Screens Make DSi LL Is A 'Spectator System'

The recently revealed, Nintendo DSi LL handheld console defied expectations of being smaller than its predecessors, as it turned out to add an extra quarter of an inch to the DSi's screen size.

Turns out, that's not all. According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the viewing angle for the DSi LL has been improved as well with the intention of making it a "spectator system".

"Nintendo DSi LL features not only bigger monitor screens," Iwata said in a financial results briefing, "but an improved view angle on the screens to make it the first portable system that can be enjoyed with people surrounding the gamer."

By doing so, Nintendo hopes to create a "new play style where those who are surrounding the game player can also join in one way or the other to the game play."

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