Nintendo may be making a Star Fox racing game

Star Fox, perhaps most well known at this point for being a peripheral player in the barrel roll meme and second fiddle to everyone's much-hated toad, Slippy, could make a grand comeback on the Nintendo Switch, but not in the kind of game we're used to seeing. Instead of saving the galaxy from giant monkey heads, Star Fox might head up a new roster of racers in a Star Fox racing game.

All this is rumor for now, though a number of leaks do point to the same thing, which is usually enough to warrant at least some credence among gamers. Redditor DasVergeben claims that Nintendo's Retro Studios, which previously worked on the Metroid Prime Trilogy, is now working on Star Fox Grand Prix. They claim that the game is like a mix of Diddy Kong racing and F-Zero, whereby gamers have to complete adventure mode challenges, beat bosses and race in normal races, all while transitioning between levels and races in an overworld setting.

To back up these statements, a short while later, an image appeared on 4Chan which showed suggested logos for the Star Fox racing game.

As Eurogamer points out, none of these reveals are confirmed in any way by Nintendo and Retro Studios is staying tight-lipped for now, but Nintendo does love rehashing its classics -- it's where it tends to have the most success after all. It could well be that Star Fox makes a comeback.

Personally I'd love a new Diddy Kong game. That racer was one of my all time favorites back in the day. If Star Fox borrows that style, it'd be enough for me.

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