Nintendo Surprises Keep Coming

Nintendo Surprises Keep Coming Nintendo Surprises Keep Coming

The Nintendo controller will feature a microphone and will store a user phonebook/address book while it will be used as a VoIP phone and will help gamers communicate while online without the need for a headset. All this comes thanks to a few Nintendo patents unveiled by nrevolutiona which demonstrate exactly how the microphone will be implemented.

Nintendo's controller surprises keep coming in and as the details are revealed so is an underlying theme to the company's plan for the device. The new details mention a microphone built-in to the headset which will allow the controller to be used as a straight-forward VoIP phone. The news also mentions that users will be able to use the phone for video calls although it does not clarify exactly how a camera will come into play in the setup. The interesting news however, relates to the phone/address book details which will be stored on the controller suggesting that Nintendo expects each user of the Wii in the household to own their own Wiimote.

The inclusion of a microphone built-into the controller, along with the speaker announced at E3, will also offer gamers more freedom during online play as they will be able to communicate with fellow gamers without the need for a headset. This makes sense as most images we have of people playing with the infamous device, show them standing up and at some distance from the console.

Just when you think Nintendo has no more Wii related mysteries the company hits you with another one and this time it is the addition of to the list of Nintendo owned domains. Rumors of a Wii dedicated interactive channel that will carry animations, games and game trailers, TV shows and other audio/visual content have already started doing the rounds but as most of us have found the hard way, Nintendo is not playing by the book on this one; so expect nothing and anticipate everything.