Nintendo Switch is getting its own Monster Hunter, but it's not 'World'

Monster Hunter games have only very recently made a dramatic impact in Western markets, despite showing up on various systems over the years. What began on the PS2, eventually became a reasonably strong seller on the Wii and Wii U, but Nintendo has only just announced its first Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter title. Unlike "World" however, this one is very much a classic Monster Hunter title, without much of the innovations seen in the most western-orientated game.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a port of Monster Hunter Generations from the 3DS. It will have better textures and a few tweaks for the Switch's unique controller systems, but for the most part it's a classic Monster Hunter game. That means segmented maps, loading screens and lengthy health-sipping animations.

The big addition with the game though, is an extended G Rank quest system. That opens up much higher-level and difficult monster battles than those who have previously played Generations on the 3DS will have experienced so far. They'll be able to bring their saves over though, so if anyone doesn't want to start from scratch, you can begin where you left off before with all of your high-rank gear and armor -- though you'll need to get crafting to catch up with the power of those new G Rank monsters.

New monsters and variants of them are also being introduced with the game. There will be 93 large monsters in total, many of them returning classics from elsewhere in the franchise. Each of the "Fated Four" have new iterations too, as well as a new variant of the Elder Dragon Vlastrax and Ahtal-Ka.

Monster Hunter Generations will debut on the Switch on August 28.

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