Nvidia RTX 2060 is coming back with 12GB RAM, $300 price tag

Nvidia RTX 2060 is coming back with 12GB RAM, $300 price tag

The GPU shortage is still ongoing and may actually be a little worse than it was a few months ago, somehow. To combat that, AMD and Nvidia are still ramping up production on their most popular new-generation cards, but Nvidia is also looking to take advantage over fabs that are still producing older 12nm silicon. It's bringing back its RTX 2060 GPU, one of the most popular in recent years. To help it compete in the modern landscape, it's giving it 12GB of memory, potentially making it a solid competitor for the RX 6600.

Nvidia has lower-level GPUs to come in the RTX 3000 series, namely the RTX 3050 Ti and 3050, but according to WCCFtech, they're going to struggle against AMD's entry-level and more affordable RX 6000 cards, which are a more closer competitor for the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti.

A new rumor suggests that the RTX 2060 12GB will be that bit more competitive at that low-end of the new-gen market, though it's not yet clear if that will be solely down to the greater memory, or whether it will also benefit from clock speed improvements, or even be based on the Super variant that replaced the original RTX 2060 in July 2019.

It may be that the RTX 2060 is more akin to an unannounced AMD GPU like an RX 6500 XT, though you'd think the 3050 and 3050 Ti would be better placed for that, especially considering their improved ray tracing and Tensor core performance.

The rumor for now is that the RTX 2060 12GB will be priced at $300 and if it can maintain high levels of stock with that price tag, it will no doubt be super popular, as buying any GPU at that sort of price is nigh-on impossible at the moment. Look for it in the coming months.