Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti might have a 450W TDP

Nvidia is reportedly planning a few new refreshed Ampere GPUs for the new year, including an upgraded RTX 3090, known as the RTX 3090 Ti (not the RTX 3090 Super). It will no doubt be stupendously powerful, with more CUDA cores, a higher clock speed, more RT cores, and more Tensor cores. But the downside of all that is that the card will reportedly demand a TDP of 450W. That means it'll need an enormous cooler (bigger than the monster the standard 3090 already has), will need a huge power supply, and is going to make your room absurdly hot in summer if you don't have A/C.

VideoCardz does suggest that this may be the TDP of a big custom card and isn't the standard 3090 Ti, but the fact that even an aftermarket card can even pull that much suggests that every 3090 Ti is going to be very power hungry. It might have a new power connector to deliver all that juice too. There are additional rumors of a 12-pin Molex Microfit connector that is apparently necessary for PCIExpress 5.

Alongside this the 3090 Ti will reportedly have faster memory,, at 21Gbps -- 2Gbps more than the existing 3090. The memory modules will be 2GB rather than 1GB each, which means the card will have a brand new board design. Whether it'll maintain the same size and overall layout of the 3090 remains to be seen, but with its TDP demands, we may well see a very different looking card in the 3090 Ti.

The new card will launch in January 2022, though no pricing information has yet been revealed. Expect it to be at least $2,000 at retail and vastly more when it actually goes on sale.

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