Nvidia RTX 4000 lineup specs leak, hot and hungry

The lineup of Nvidia's upcoming RTX 4000 series of graphics cards has reportedly leaked, along with detailed specifications covering the cards' clock speeds, memory count, memory speed, and TDP. As expected, these cards should be incredibly fast, but also incredibly power hungry and hard to cool.

The leak this time around comes from respected leaker, Kopite7Kime on Twitter, who suggested the RTX 40 Lovelace range would be made up of the following cards, along with some in-depth specs.

RTX 4090: AD102 GPU, base clock of 2235MHz, boost clock of 2520 MHz (up to 2750Mhz), 24GB of GDDR6X memory at 21Gbps, with a 384-bit memory bus. TDP demands as high as 450W.
RTX 4080: AD103 GPU, 16GB of GDDR6X at 21Gbps, with a 256-bit memory bus. TDP demands as high as 420W.
RTX 4070: AD104 GPU, 10GB of GDDR6X at 18Gbps, with a 160-bit memory bus. TDP demands as high as 300W.

This is all a significant change up from the RTX 3000 Ampere generation of GPUs. There's a boatload more memory across the board, and much higher clock speeds. If the 2.75GHz boost clock of the 4090 is to be believed, we'll almost certainly see 3GHz+ clocks for cards lower down the product stack.

300W for an RTX 4070 is high in itself, but 420W and 450W for the 4080 and 4090 is truly nuts. It's mini space heater territory, but may start to raise questions of viability in countries where AC isn't commonplace. It'll just be uncomfortable to game with a PC running a GPU like that in summer.

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