Nvidia Shield TV will soon stream GeForce Now games

One of the biggest let downs of Nvidia's Shield TV platform is that its game streaming has been limited. Unless you owned the game on your PC, you couldn't stream it from your local hardware, or from Nvidia's centralized processing servers. That's all set to change in an upcoming update though.

The existing GeForce Now platform will soon make a proper appearance on the Nvidia Shield TV, according to Engadget, whereby if you own the game on or not, you can stream it from Nvidia. There are 225 titles supported at the time of writing and all of them will become available to Shield TV owners in the near future. Although there is some mild controller input lag, for the most part the experience is comparable to playing games locally and with so many to choose from, the remote streaming system becomes more attractive than ever.

Because the platform leverages Nvidia's high-end hardware, you can play games through your Shield TV that you might not be able to otherwise. Games with high-end graphics options can be played at top resolutions with high frame rates that would otherwise cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to render with a prebuilt gaming PC.

This update will bring the Nvidia Shield TV's GeForce Go experience on par with the existing set up on PCs and Macs and is clearly something Nvidia should have had in place since the start. Moving forward though, TV gamers can enjoy all sorts of titles that were otherwise exclusively streamable on desktop systems, making the $200 purchase seem much more worth it.

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