OG Esports takes DotA 2 World Championships the second time in a row

Valve's ninth-annual DotA 2 world championship, known as The International, has come to an end and a new victor has been crowned. But it's the same as the old one, as it's OG who once again stand atop the pile and walk away with the largest Esports prize ever, taking home a massive $15.6 million between the five players and their relevant management and coaching staff.

The International 2019 was the largest DotA 2 event ever and the largest Esports event in terms of prizes awarded. There was a total of $34 million to go around, with all of the top six teams earning more than a million dollars for their trouble. Even the teams around 15th place took home more than $500,000 a piece, making the first time that anyone that far down the rankings has received such a hefty prize.

Taking place between August 20 and August 25, the tournament consisted of 18 teams who had won their way to the event through direct invitation, like past champions OG, Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses, or through the regional qualifier system. They were split into upper and lower brackets during a group stage, which then went into a knockout system that saw OG make its way to the top of the group stage and then through every head to head match they had, ultimately defeating Team Liquid in the grand finals, 3-1.

This is a monumental event for everyone involved, but for team OG most of all. It not only walked away with seven figures in winnings, but it's the second time it's done so and on consecutive years too. OG won in 2018 too, where they took home $11 million between them.

The International 2019 overtook the previous largest Esports event ever, the Fortnite World Cup, which awarded more than $30 million to players.

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