OLED Steam Decks still available after launch, as Valve learns from mistakes

OLED Steam Decks still available after launch, as Valve learns from mistakes

The launch of the OLED-equipped Steam Deck variant could have been a disaster, but it seems as if Valve has learned from past mistakes, as it’s still possible to buy a new Steam Deck and have it delivered within a few days.

This stands in strong contrast to the launch of the original Steam Deck, which was mired in supply issues from day one. Backorders were stacked up within a few hours of launch, and it took Valve months to clear the backlog. That doesn’t seem to have happened with the new Steam Deck, which is still listed as being available for delivery in three to five business days, as is standard for Valve’s hardware shop.

The new Steam Deck isn’t the Steam Deck 2 some have been waiting for. Instead, it’s an upgraded version of the original Steam Deck. It comes with a slightly larger 7.4-inch OLED display, a larger battery, and some small improvements. The OLED model also has boosted options for storage too, with a 512GB option being the cheapest OLED model you can buy, and a 1TB option being offered officially for the first time. The cheapest model, the 256GB variant, still has an LCD display.

There are some other ways to look at this holding firm of supply, though. One is that the supply of OLED Steam Decks is still going strong because, well, most people with Steam Decks aren’t seeing the need to update their handheld PCs just because of a minor screen size update and better display tech. While an OLED panel is undoubtedly more beautiful than an LCD, it might not be worth the extra money when most will be happy to wait for a Steam Deck 2. Speaking of a sequel, Valve has made it clear that a new Steam Deck won’t arrive until the APU is able to be significantly better, making a 2024 launch date unlikely.

The Steam Deck is now available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants for $349, $549, and $649 respectively. The 256GB model, as mentioned, is the older LCD model, so make sure to check which one you’re buying. Valve still has stock of the older LCD models in 64GB and 512GB too, which it is offering for a reduced price while stock lasts.