One in Two Gamers Will Wait for PS3

One in Two Gamers Will Wait for PS3

Nielsen Entertainment has released a survey examining the habits and preferences of gamers. One of the most surprising findings is that almost 50 per cent of gamers claim they will wait until PS3 launches before deciding which next-gen console to purchase.

The survey, which is based on the responses of over 2,000 active N. American gamers, suggests that Massively Multiplayer Online Games and mobile games are the rising forces of the industry, both of which seem to be types of games you cannot presently get on a console.

Another interesting finding of the survey is that XBox owners are more likely to buy an X360 than PS2 owners are likely to buy PS3.

The online trend seems to be on the rise with 57 per cent of gamers having had some online experience. Console online games, gambling games and MMOs are predominantly male pastimes with a 76 per cent male to 24 per cent female ratio while casual, free online games (which include puzzles) seem better balanced with a 49 per cent male to 51 per cent female ratio.

According to the same survey males aged between 25-34 and Hispanics represent the biggest growth prospects as target markets for the industry. Gamers were also found to invest one quarter of their leisure time to gaming, averaging 12 hours per week.

It would seem odd to most gamers that almost 50 per cent of those surveyed would claim that they will only buy one of the next-generation consoles although Nielsen does not make it clear exactly how the 2,000 active gamers were chosen. It is possible, and very, very wise, that many gamers have decided to wait until the coming of PS3 stirs things up possibly causing some price drops but the recent queues outside U.S. stores suggest otherwise.