PEA to withdraw from CS:GO over player dispute

The Professional Esports Association, the organisation put together in the hopes that it could help provide a better earning and playing experience for pro-gamers in a number of different eSports, hasn't done much to enamour players with it and could end up leaving CS:GO entirely, because players almost unanimously chose not to support its league, over issues with exclusivity.

Initially the PEA was set up to build a player driven league, so that players and teams would take the majority of profits from its success, rather than league management. However it ended up clashing with established tournament system, the EPL and players wanted to play for that instead.

The PEA tried to get around this by contractually mandating that players play in its tournaments rather than the EPL, but players have stood up to that and ultimately it looks like the PEA may take its ball and go home.

This could paint a dark future for the PEA, which needs the support of players if it is to survive, but that doesn't seem likely at this point.

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