Play Hearthstone with others, with Hearthmind

Twitch Plays Pokemon was an interesting experiment. It did work, mostly, with players able to finally defeat the elite four and claim the prize of Pokemon Master after several days of left, right, down, A, B and a lot of start. Born from that conception, was the idea of community play and now other games are getting on board, like Hearthmind, a game where you and others play Hearthstone together.

It's not quite as frantic as Twitch Plays Pokemon, since this one has a randomised command system, instead of taking everything that's thrown at it, or the most popular one. It also has mouse commands, with single clicks and drags the most common - since there's no right click for emoting.

It does work, mostly, with the collaborative team having reached 20 in ranked play, though as the number of people increases the troll clicks multiply, progression may get a bit harder.

Each player gets a click in each five second window. At the end of that five seconds, a random click is chosen and the game performs that command. Rinse and repeat.

The worst part perhaps, is that the end turn counter only requires a single press, which can spell doom for a Hearthstone player even when there aren't 70 other people trying to play a different card than you.

Currently there's around 75 players in the room, which is up from 50 an hour ago, so this could snowball as time goes on and it may end up being a laggy mess, since it's clunkier than it was when it started, but it's an interesting social experiment.

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