Play the Pokemon TCG for free in new PC version

If you've always wanted to get into the Pokemon TCG but balked at the costs involved, or just wanted the convenience of a digital version, you're in luck, because a new free to play version of the classic card battler is coming to PCs and mobile devices. It's called Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, and it will give you the chance to win free cards, scan in real world cards, and (of course) buy packs with real money. The only difference from the real world, is you won't be able to trade with other players.

This isn't the first time Pokémon TCG has been available on PC. There's already Pokémon TCG Online, but it's comparatively ancient, designed for PCs of a decade ago and doesn't really measure up to the modern online card battling experience that has become dominated by contemporaries like Hearthstone. That games will soon shut down, but never fear, any existing accounts will be transferred over to the new game, including any cards you had from specific releases like XY, Black and White, and the Sun and Moon series.

The only downside is that some of those cards won't be available in the new game, but will be saved in your account so when a new update is released that adds them, you'll have them added to your account automatically.

Pokemon TCG Live is said to be "coming soon" on PC iOS and Android, with plans for a beta release in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for that.

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