PSP - Homebrew On 2.00 A Reality

PSP - Homebrew On 2.00 A Reality

It appears that Sony's efforts to keep the PSP a highly controlled environment have not amounted to much, as a group has announced that it has found a way to bypass the protection on Firmware 2.00.

A group has utilised one of the oldest of tricks in the hacker's bible; the buffer overflow. Using a large wallpaper file which also contains byte code, uploaded to the PSP, the group managed to get it to execute. This achievement marks the first time homebrew code has been run on firmware 2.00 while it opens up the door for everyone to find ways of running other user-created games and applications.

Although the group was quick to point out that this exploit is not to be used for copying games, it is also clear that others will seek to find ways of doing just that. This poses a problem for Sony since it will have to address this issue but it will also have to find ways of managing its current stocks of PSPs which currently come pre-loaded with v.1.52 (Europe and US) and v.2.00 (Japan).

For most PSP users this is good news as the previous attempt at bypassing 2.00 security, the downgrading method showcased in a video file recently, has resulted in a dead end. It appears that the buffer overflow method has been tested and has proved to be a valid way of escaping the constraints of firmware 2.00.

Sony will really have to consider how much it intends to pursue the efforts of amateur programmers who seem to have a lot of free time on their hands and shedloads of determination. They are not the PSPs enemies and their efforts have probably increased worldwide PSP sales. Protecting intellectual property, as important and noble a cause as it may be, should not result in a handicapped product.