Quake 3 Fortress beta1F

Q3F beta 1 is a modification (mod) to Quake III: Arena, a game developed by id Software and distributed by Activision. The Q3F development team's goal was to modify the multiplayer aspects of Quake III to create a more team-oriented experience. With the implementation of different player classes boasting unique weapons, strengths, and abilities, this mod opens many new multiplayer possibilities for Quake III: Arena. A large part of the team-play aspect comes from Q3F's support for several game-objective possibilities, which include Capture the Flag, Command Point, and Capture and Hold styles of play.

This new release includes q3f_32smooth, an updated q3f_well (which resolves existing FPS issues), 2 new duelling maps plus new features and bug fixes. It's absolsutely packed with new features and gameplay adjustments. These are the result of three months development and extensive playtesting.

Please note that this update requires the Quake 3 Arena Point Release version 1.17 to be installed. It will not function with Point Release 1.25 (nor will any other mods).

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