Quake 3 - Weapons Factory Arena v2.0

Weapons Factory is a Quake III modification with CTF gameplay. It provides a more intricate team-oriented game than the traditional, individualistic CTF model. Weapons Factory inherits some of the features of the lauded Team Fortress Quake I modification and adds its own system of class specialization.

One of the first things you will notice with WFA is that there is a very high learning curve to the mod. That is to say, you have a lot to learn coming from any other mod or the single-player Q3A game. WFA is one of the most complex and demanding mods to learn and play. It isn't easy, but with time, patience and practice, you will be rewarded with the skills necessary to play one of the most popular Quake Capture the Flag (CTF) mods ever released

Version 2.0 of Weapons Factory Arena is now available!

It may take server admins several days to upgrade their servers so be sure to note the version number of the server you are trying to use.

Any clans whose custom graphics are not in the distribution will be added to the next release...

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