Is This Revolution?

Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution? Is This Revolution?

Just as Nintendo prepares to reveal its new console, codenamed Revolution, the first images of the console have appeared and the image seems much more straight-forward than what we saw earlier.

The new console then will mark a design shift for the Japanese gaming giant and Nintendo officials were right to claim that's the most industrial design we've ever made.

Nintendo has already revealed that using Revolution's Wi-Fi connection, gamers will be able to find other gamers with the help of the company's free gamer-matching service. Revolution users will also be able to download classic and new Nintendo games over the Internet. This, more or less, confirms Nintendo's backward compatibility pledge.

For the full-sized images of the console and for the first The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess images follow the Screens tab above.

Stay with MegaGames for complete Revolution coverage as we follow Nintendo's press event later today.

A video displaying Nintendo's new console, codenamed Revolution, has surfaced and it looks strange enough to be the real thing. The video is incomplete but does manage to show off the actual console and a variety of functions not yet revealed by Nintendo. Images taken from the video are available by following the Screens tab above.

The video surfaced just after Nintendo's first details press release and has raised a few eyebrows as it promises virtual gaming on a scale not yet seen. One major doubt about the authenticity of the video has to do with the console it displays which seems to be the size of a small human head while Nintendo's press release mentions a unit that is as thick as 3 DVD cases. Another point is that Nintendo claims its console will be able to play either horizontally or vertically but the unit shown on the video can only stand on its flat base since the rest of the unit is spherical.

The video itself seems very well made and certainly the work of professional film-makers. It starts by mentioning Nintendo's history in gaming and then begins revealing Revolution. The Logo Nintendo ON is prominently displayed and the first shock comes from a headset unit which looks like virtual reality headgear.

According to the video the headset will serve as the brain of the unit providing the images of the game for the gamer and surround sound but will also utilize an environment capture feature which will use information about the user's position and movement in-game. The device will also contain an embedded microphone for use in-game.
The images of the game will be provided via a pair of adjustable visors on the headset. The headset will rest on top of the console when not in use.

The animated demonstration of how all the hardware will work in tandem is very exciting and really gets us all worked up about the potential of Revolution.

The video also showcases another Revolution feature which will also be a major part of Microsoft's campaign for XBox 360; customization.

It seems that Nintendo will also offer gamers faceplates for the console and some of them seem... interesting.

The timing of the video seems right since it was discovered soon after Microsoft released the full specification lists for its XBox 360 hardware but its authenticity will definitely remain in doubt until Nintendo reveals more details next week at E3 2005.


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