Revolution FPS By Ubisoft

Revolution FPS By Ubisoft

It's not often we get news on the Nintendo Revolution console and when the news concerns an FPS title that will be exclusive to the console, it becomes even more intriguing.

According to MeriStation, a Spanish-writing site, the folks at Ubisoft were so impressed by Nintendo's new controller design that they committed themselves to developing an exclusive first person shooter title. According to Ubisoft, the title will take advantage of the unique potential of the Revolution controller although details of the game are not yet being mentioned.

The news will be welcomed by fans of Nintendo who were hoping that the company will not completely stray from the, well-trodden, FPS path. The story also confirms that the new controller may attract developers and may work well with new as well as already established gaming concepts.

MeriStation also suggests that the title is being developed by a Canadian based Ubisoft branch, so we suspect it is Ubisoft Montreal since they are already doing King-Kong and Splinter Cell 4 for Nintendo's new console. One possibility is the emergence of a Tom Clancy's Raven Shield spin-off title with extra features based on the new controller.

Expect more news around E3 2006 when we are expected to get our first peek at the game.