Rocket League is going free to play, and leaving Steam

Rocket League will soon no longer be purchaseable on Steam and in fact, no longer purchaseable altogether. The long-running competitive, vehicular football title is going free to play and making a transition to its new home on the Epic Games Store. No wonder really, as Epic purchased the developer Psyonix, in May 2019.

Rocket League has been a major Esports success, as well as helping to drive forward micro transactions and season gameplay designs for competitive games. It's remained one of the easy to learn, hard to master titles of the competitive gaming scene, driving cross platform play across many ecosystems, and developing its professional scene with great integration of social media elements and live events.

Although never quite meeting the popular heights of MOBA games, or more recently Battle Royale games, it's carved out a solid niche for itself which remains populated and popular over five years after its release. And now that it's going free to play on the Epic Game Store, it seems likely to reach a greater audience than ever before. Especially among the Fortnite community, which already dominates the Epic store in their tens of millions.

While new players won't have to pay to play moving forward, those who did, will receive a big thank you pack from the developers. If you've ever paid for a copy of Rocket League, you'll be gifted a brand new DLC released before the free to play move, a special title to display when you first played the game, more than 200 common items upgraded to legacy quality, so new players won't be able to get them, a new boost, new wheels, and a brand new banner. All just for you.

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