RTX 3080 Mobile beats RTX 2080 Super desktop

RTX 3080 Mobile beats RTX 2080 Super desktop

Some new leaked test results of the RTX 3080 and 3070 mobile graphics chips prove that the new-generation Ampere GPUs are just as exciting in laptops as they are on desktop. The GPUs offer performance that easily eclipses the previous generation, offering up to 2080 Ti-like performance at the top end, and 4K power at a much more affordable price point.

The RTX 3080 Mobile edition manages a score of some 12,100 points in 3D Mark Time Spy's graphics test, beating out the RTX 2080 Super desktop by almost 10 percent. That puts it within striking distance of a desktop 2080 Ti - a massive achievement. It's around 12 percent slower than the 3070 desktop, as per Videocardz.

The RTX 3070 Mobile isn't quite so impressive, but still beats out the RTX 2070 Super desktop, and sits just behind the 2080 Super mobile.

Fire Strike results are a little more mixed and somewhat controversial, as the 3070 Mobile beats the 3080 Mobile there, both matching or exceeding the 2080 Super desktop. They also both easily beat the 2080 Super mobile.

It's not yet clear when we'll start to see laptops sporting these new-generation mobile graphics chips in the wild, but they should become far more common throughout 2021. They may be the best choice for high-end gaming this year too, as silicon shortages have meant that finding a new-generation GPU from AMD or Nvidia at this time is exceedingly difficult.