Saints Row reboot gameplay shows it wants to recapture the mania title

Fortnite might be the game du jour for zani, open-map craziness, but that kind of gameplay was pioneered in other games way before. Saints Row was the original true anarchy simulator, that built upon the slightly-more-serious tone in GTA, and turned its silliness up to 11. A number of Saints Row games came and went, and it's been years since it was at the fore of gaming crazy, but now it's coming back, and the new in-engine footage shows that it's hoping to recapture that title as the king of the hill of balls the wall, nuts gameplay.

The new playground is set out West, with a massive desert vista to explore, fight through, explode, fly, shoot, drive, run, explode, and anything else you can think of. "Embrase your weirdness, embrace your identity, and revel in it," as the new trailer says.

It's not just about being weird for the sake of it, though. The new Saints Row might be ridiculous, but it's also designed with a lot of heart. You'll build a crew and fight against a number of unique criminal factions which are challenging you for control of the city.

Think you can run, gun, and fight them to take charge? Saints Row will launch on PS4,. PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and the Epic Games store on February 25 2022.

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