Scanner Sombre is getting VR support

Introversion's light-field, LIDAR exploration game, Scanner Sombre, will have a VR port in the very near future. Planned to arrive in around six weeks time, the game will soon support both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, letting everyone get up close and personal with the game's beautiful, minimalist world.

"We deliberately didn't want people thinking Scanner Sombre is a VR game and then not buying it thinking 'I've got to have a headset.' It's a PC game, but if you happen to have a headset you'll be able to play Scanner [in VR]," said Introversion co-founder Mark Morris to PC Gamer.

That's an interesting point to make about the game's marketing because there have certainly been cases where people have complained about VR games not working on 2D displays. Considering the various markets, possibly more so than those who have headsets and found them not working on games they expected to be VR compatible.

Opting for dual releases isn't a bad plan, especially with virtual reality, as though there is a lot of content out there, there is still a lack of any real AAA games. While Scanner Sombre isn't about to fill that void, it will provide a tasty morsel for VR fans, especially considering how pretty the game should be in three dimensions.

The reason Introversion didn't make this a dedicated VR game is simple too, the market just isn't there yet.

"I think about seven people downloaded [Defcon VR]," Morris said. "That's the reality of VR. So, we're not doing exclusive VR games, I think that would be just nuts at the moment."

However, now that it's making its way to VR, Scanner Sombre should be well received. Reviewers enjoyed it and found the game haunting and tense at times, despite the visual beauty on show.

Will any of you be buying it for the VR support?

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