Seagate's FireCuda 530 could be the first internal NVMe for PS5

The Seagate FireCuda 530 NVMe SSD might be the first one that's usable as an additional internal storage drive for the PlayStation 5. To date the internal SSD expansion slot has remained unused and unusable by users, despite fans wishing there was a way to expand their mainline storage in a similar fashion to the Xbox Series S/X drive, the Seagate Expansion card. Now it seems like they'll get a chance.

The PlayStation 5, like the Xbox Series S and X, uses NVMe SSD storage technology for its internal storage drive, making a massive improvement over the traditional hard drive storage used in the last generation counterpart consoles. The only difficulty with using this storage is that it can't be matched by external storage speeds, which means only the internal 1TB of space can be used for playing PS5 games. The internal expansion slot was clearly planned to give users a chance to increase their internal storage, but to date, it's been unusable, with no drives rated as compatible.

That may be about to change with the Seagate FireCuda 530 drives, however. These PCIExpress 4.0, NVMe SSDs will come in capacities all the way up to 4TB and operate at stupendously fast speeds of up to 7,300 MBps — around three times the speed of your average third generation NVMe SSD. They'll also have extreme longevity, with 5,100TB TBW ratings — meaning you'd be able to completely fill and format these drives over 1,000 times before you ran into any reliability issues. They'll also come with a three year warranty and Rescue Data Recovery service support for any lost data you need recovered.

No pricing information on the drives yet, but expect them to be expensive at larger capacities.

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