Shareaza 1201

Shareaza 1201 Shareaza 1201

Shareaza is a simple, spyware-free gnutella client which offers a multitude of features in a small neat package.

Features include:

-A simple QuickStart wizard helps new users get up and running in less than a minute. Choose the interface that's easiest for you, share you files, and you're in!
-Swarmed downloads get what you want faster and more reliably. Full support for multiple sources, automatic requerying, and pause and resume across sessions.
-Powerful metadata support lets you search for content by artist, album, bitrate, etc. Shareaza integrates varied metadata formats from different clients into a simple unified display.
-Browser and URL integration works with web browsers and other viewers to provide links to content on the Gnutella network. All new and very cool! Plus you can find out more about local and remote files with Bitzi lookup services.
-Full library management features put you in charge of your collection, with a nested folder browser, file-level sharing control, hit and fetch statistics, metadata editor, automatic change scanning, Gnutella-aware move, copy, delete, rename and more.
-Automatic file hashing and metadata acquisition for common music, image and application files provide the benefits of metadata without the work. Operates in the background to keep your metabase up to date. Shareaza automatically acquires metadata from asf, bmp, exe, dll, gif, jpg, mp3, mpg, png, wma, and wmv files.
-Ultrapeer and query routing technology use intelligent connections to save your bandwidth. With other Ultrapeer enabled clients only. Shareaza gives you full control over your level of Ultrapeer involvement.
-A kick-ass interface keeps you informed and gives you the power to do what you want. Don't be restricted by dictated "tab-based" interfaces. Shareaza lets you organise your session with multiple windows and easy to use navigation. Right-click anywhere for an intuitive popup command menu.
-Detailed diagnostic and monitoring capabilities including smart packet dumping, search monitoring and filtered hit monitoring enable you to keep an eye on the network.
-Fully featured and infinitely configurable performance graphing visualises key indicators such as bandwidth utilisation, neighbour interactions, downloads, uploads and network characteristics over time. Create multiple graphs to keep track of performance (or just to look cool).
-Chat peer-to-peer with other Shareaza or LimeWire users. You can initiate a converation from a search result, a download or an upload.
-Support for the latest Gnutella protocol enhancements such as v0.6 handshaking, Ultrapeer/Supernode, QRP, BYE, pong caching, flow control, EQHD, HUGE, HTTP/1.1, chat and XML metadata ensure you're PC is a good citizen on the network.
-Extensive options put power users in total control of the software, from high-level settings to low-level communications parameters, buffer sizes, caching and routing policies.
-Shareaza's lean and mean design doesn't chew up half your available memory and CPU time, or take ages to load. And it doesn't crash your PC if you leave it running for too long. -Multithreaded native code ensures smooth operating conditions without going overboard and taxing resources.


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