SK Telecom T1 crowned LoL Season 3 champions

Telecom SK

After ten months of frantic play across leagues, qualifiers and championship tournaments, League of Legends season 3 has finally come to and end. In the final bout between the world's two best teams, SK Telecom T1 has won through to become the champions, netting a million dollars worth of prize money for their trouble.

The story of SK Telecom T1 though is perhaps more interesting than its ultimate victory. Just four months ago, the players that make up the team were SK Telecom's T2 team. They were the second best out of the players under the SK banner. Back in June though, the entire T1 team was dropped and the backups were brought forward, including championship standout Piglet.

From there, they've had a couple of set backs, but ultimately racked up a very impressive win rate for the championship, going 16-3 throughout and not only winning the entire thing, but beating the Gamania Bears, who were responsible for knocking out last year's champs, the Taipei Assassins.

Despite a hotly contested championship run, the final between the two potential champions was less so. There was some real back and forth in the first couple o games, but SKT ultimately smashed their way through to a 3-0 victory.

If you weren't there to watch it live when the final matchup went down between SK Telecom T1 and Royal Club, you can watch the first game with a lot of pre-game pre-amble below.

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