Sony Denies Redesigned PSP

Sony Denies Redesigned PSP Sony Denies Redesigned PSP

Rumors and speculations about a new design for Sony's PlayStation Portable have been going around since Nintendo introduced the DS. Those rumors were confirmed earlier this month when Sony's UK managing director Ray Maguire stated that current PSP is just "first iteration" and that an improved version will eventually follow.

But now Maguire claims that he was misunderstood, and that he was just "referring to the fact that that's what we do as a company. We R&D everything. You only have to look at PlayStation and PlayStation 2 to see that's always in our mind."

In the same interview, he claimed that PSP is targeting a different market than Nintendo DS's, namely the people who want to connect their PSP to their PS3 and "access all their media in another room". This may look promising, but it doesn't qualify as a key selling point, especially when Nintendo DS is already wirelessly connectable to Wii.

Maguire admitted that PSP suffers from the lack of good titles and promised to change that soon." We've been putting quite a lot of energy behind PS3, now we'll be able to split some of those resources and go back to the PSP to make sure we've got some compelling games coming." He said.