Sony: Uncharted 2 Cinema Play May Start Something

Sony hopes that its upcoming promotion where it will allow Uncharted 2 fans to play the game on a cinema screen could be the start of a new popular gaming experience.

The promotion be held on October 5th and 6th in four US cinemas. The four cinemas are equipped with Sony 4K digital cinema technology, which is currently used by around 500 cinemas nationwide.

"This is the first time we're doing it in a theatre. We think it's a start of something for us, and hope we can build this into a standard element in the movie-going experience," said Mike Fidler, senior VP of Sony's digital cinema solutions and services group.

"Our goal in converting theatres to digital is to go beyond the traditional movie-going experience and focus on helping exhibitors find ways to fill seats."

"Gaming will be an important part of that equation."

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