Space travel for everyone

Space travel for everyone Space travel for everyone Space travel for everyone Space travel for everyone

Until now, only an elite group of astronauts and cosmonauts have ventured into space. The rest of us have marvelled at their exploits and gazed in awe at the stunning photographic and film images of our beautiful planet. From just beyond the turn of the millennium, it can be your chance too! Groups of aerospace engineers, scientists, astronauts and adventure travel specialists are working around the world to design, build and fly passenger 'sub-orbital spacecraft' , the first of which should be aloft from 2002/3 onwards, only a few years away!
WildWings Space Travel represents U.S. Space Adventures in the UK and is taking bookings now through! We will monitor all participants in this new 'space race' and can anticipate introducing new space related holidays in time. WildWings Space Travel started in October 1997, and has attended consumer shows in London with Charlie Walker, one of Space Adventures' astronaut advisors. Charlie flew on the Shuttle three times and hopes to return to space again.....

The craft for these forthcoming sub-orbital flights are being designed for passengers, not highly trained astronauts, and it is anticipated that anyone of good health will be eligible to fly. Passengers will fly in order of booking. After making your booking you will receive your framed official ticket and the first of the Space Adventures quarterly newsletters. When the flights commence, your 6 day flight programme will be filled with fun and exciting activities before the big day itself.
Price includes:
Sub-Orbital Space Flight, Accommodation and all meals, Flight suit, Space logbook,
Training classes, Astronaut Plaque and Wings, Flight video, Photo on CD-ROM.
The full range and pricing of services is listed below.

Sub-Orbital Space Flights £62,025 ($93,000) per person
Journey To The Edge Of Space In A MiG-25 £7975 ($12,000)per person
Zero Gravity Flights £3,415 ($5,100)per person
Space Shuttle Launch Tours £535 per person
Skywatcher's Inn £175 per person
High-Powered/Model Rocketry Weekend £189 per person.