Spore Confirmed For iPhone

Spore Confirmed For iPhone

Several months past the iPhone's launch, Apple has finally released its Software Development Kit (SDK) and, while doing so, revealed a pleasant surprise for gamers.

During the SDK's introductory presentation, Travis Boatman, EAs executive producer of mobile studios took the stage and showed a development version of Spore running on the iPhone.

According to Boatman, this version of Spore was created in about two weeks using the newly released iPhone SDK, and it won't be the only iPhone game developed by EA.

"The iPhone's touchscreen and tilt sensitivity is perfectly suited for SPORE," said an EA spokesman later.

"The animation technology in the iPhone OS enables us to build awesome games", said John Riccitiello, EA's CEO. "I think iPhone consumers are going to be blown away by the games we create for this platform".

Spore iPhone version will be released along with the PC, Mac OS X, Wii, Nintendo DS and mobile phone versions in September 2008.