Square Enix Publishes True Crime After Activision Ditches It

After trying out the game and feeling that it is a "great big bucket of fun," Square Enix decided to publish True Crime: Hong Kong.

The game was originally going to be published by Activision before they cancelled it.

"When we met the team at United Front Games it was a done deal in our eyes -- we instantly recognised the huge potential in the game and the team," said Lee Singleton, general manager of Square Enix London Studios.

"UFG is an incredibly talented team, who have individually worked on some of the biggest games in our industry, and this talent shines through from the moment you walk in the door."

Of course the game's name will have to change since the True Crime trademark is registered to Activision.

It is worth noting that the deal could not have gone through without Activision's permission.

"Our team has worked very hard to find a solution where everybody wins. Square Enix gets the benefit of the tremendous investment we've made in the game thus far," Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said. "UFG gets to stay together and complete their vision. And gamers get to play a great game. We couldn't be more thrilled."

True Crime: Hong Kong was originally scheduled for release in autumn 2010 but it was delayed to 2011 before it was cancelled because "it just wasn't going to be good enough."

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