Steam Sale incoming, brace yourselves

It's that time of year again for PC gamers, where their hearts grow heavy and their wallets lighter, where games are plentiful and actual gameplay is quite limited. That's right, it's time for the Steam sale, or at least it will be in one week's time.

An image confirming the sale dates was discovered by NeoGAF user Tizoc on the Paysafecard site. It shows a clear Steam Summer sale date for 19th-30th June, which would make sense for the time of year.

This is probably a good time to dispense some general Steam Sale advice also:

Wait for the daily deals

It goes without saying that there's a lot of great discounts during the Steam Summer Sale, but no more so than the daily deals. If a game you want is discounted a few dollars, wait a couple of days and see if it shows up in the daily deals, it'll be far cheaper.

Consider if you will actually play the game. Really.

Buying a game you'll never play is like caging a bird of paradise. It wants to be free. No matter how good a deal is, if it's not a game you think you'll actually play, try not to buy it. Especially if you already have a load of titles waiting to be played.

Pre-pick ones you want and wait for them

If there are certain games you would like but they haven't been on sale yet, they may become discounted during the sale. If so, wait for them, don't spend your hard earned (probably) money on games that aren't on that list, that way when the game you really want is available for cheap, you won't be worried about your bank balance.

If you guys have any more Steam Sale advice, feel free to post it below. I'm sure we'll all need it.

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