Teamgroup just made a 256GB DDR4 kit

You'll need an HEDT PC to take advantage of it, but if you've been needing more memory than is already available, then TeamGroup's new T-Force Xtreem ARGB DDR4 kit is for you. With a mammoth capacity of 256GB of matched modules, it combines eight sticks of 32GB to create the biggest, baddest memory kit out there ahead of DDR5's debut in 2022.

While most gaming PCs barely need 32GB, serious video editors, transcoders, or CAD users can make use of much, much more. Intel X-Series and AMD Ryzen Threadripper PCs can take much more — 256GB and 2TB, to be exact. Previously getting hold of that much memory was pretty much impossible, with most manufacturers only offering 128GB in matched sticks, but now TeamGroup is getting out ahead of the competition with its monstrous 256GB kit.

What's even more impressive about this kit, is how fast it is. It doesn't make any sacrifices even at such extreme capacities. This kit is rated at DDR4-3600MHz with tight timings of CL18-22-22-42. That's a little looser and slower than some of the fastest memory kits out there, but it's no slouch, and considering the capacity, it's huge. It could potentially lead to a huge performance improvement for compatible HEDT systems if they were starved for memory before.

Next year we'll see even these extreme kits look pedestrian in comparison, though. DDR5 is expected to usher in support for memory kits that could reach 512GB across eight sticks, thanks to its increased density. Speed should see a boost too.

In the meantime, this TeamGroup kit is as big and bad as it gets.

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