Tencent may build an Esports themed town in China

Tencent is one of the world's biggest gaming corporations, owning titles like League of Legends, Crossfire, Three Kingdoms, Call of Duty Online and many other games focused in the Chinese gaming region. With several of those properties it also hosts a bustling pro-gaming scene and to that end, it's now announced that it wants to build an esports themed industrial park in Wuhu in south-east China.

What that actually involves is still somewhat nebulous, as the translation provided by TechNode isn't exactly perfect. However, it claims that the Esports town would feature an Esports themed theme park; an Esports university, presumably for teaching pro gaming; a cultural and creative park, whatever that means; an animation studio; an entrepreneurial tech sector, and a Tencent data center.

This is something it's pushing forward with too. While there is no start date for construction as of yet, the project is said to have been given the go ahead by Wuhu local government, so it could begin soon. It has even received some pledge of investment from the Zhongxian region of some $580 million.

It's not clear how much the full venture will cost, but Tencent's net revenue last year was over $44 billion, so we wouldn't expect it to have any trouble in funding the park and its various accoutrements.

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