Test your GPU in Unreal Engine 5 for free with EzBench

EzBench is a new, free benchmark from Eztheory AS built in Unreal Engine 5. It pushes UE5's new features, including 8K texture support, cinematic quality assets, and ray tracing, but while it does look gorgeous, it's more of a stress test for your system than it is a true showcase of what UE5 can do. It certainly doesn't highlight its efficiency, as even those with hefty hardware are struggling to get this running smoothly.

That's somewhat to be expected, because although UE5 is indeed efficient with many clever technologies to help reduce the pressure placed on the GPU to render gorgeous visuals, they are indeed, gorgeous visuals, which is going to be demanding whatever you do. The Matrix Awakens demo showed that, with even RTX 3090s falling to their knees on higher settings.

There is some suggestion that the demo is not well optimized for AMD GPUs just yet, but updates are already landing since the benchmark launched a few days ago, and they'll keep coming as the developers continue to expand it, alongside additional scenes, better graphical settings, and more in-depth score analysis.

How do you think this compares to The Matrix Awakens demo? Which is a better representation of UE5's abilities?

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