Top 10 MegaGames of 2005 - Voting Closed

Top 10 MegaGames of 2005 - Voting Closed Top 10 MegaGames of 2005 - Voting Closed

Voting for the Top 10 MegaGames of 2005 is now closed and the votes are being counted as this week will see the gradual revelation of the games that you, our readers, enjoyed best throughout 2005. By the end of this week you will find out which game proved the most popular in the, closest ever, race for the distinguished crown of Top MegaGame of 2005. We can reveal that three titles are still fighting it out for the top spot and there is very little between them.

At the end of this week the various winners of the prize draws will also be contacted, in a year which has seen an impressive line-up of sponsors willing to reward MegaGames readers for seeing their democratic duty through.

eMagin, the latest Top 10 MegaGames sponsor, is offering an amazing opportunity for three voters to win the stunning eMagin Z800 3DVisor. The Z800 3DVisor is available to MegaGames voters worldwide.
Envizions Computer Entertainment is offering its, as yet unrevealed, EVO: Phase One PC/Console hybrid as a prize, while MegaGames has started announcing the prize sponsors for this year's Top 10 MegaGames of 2005. Win one of many gaming prizes as you vote and help determine which game deserves the coveted title of Top MegaGame of 2005.

Now that 2005 is slowly sinking out of view, we have the right distance between us and the year gone by in order to be able to cast a critical eye over its gaming yield.

2005 deserves the title of a milestone year for gaming as it saw the introduction of not one, not two but three major consoles, the PSP by Sony, the DS by Nintendo and the very first next-generation gaming machine, Microsoft's Xbox 360. As a result sorting out what you actually enjoyed from the list of available games may prove a monumental task as some games proved impressive visually while others offered innovative gameplay and immersed players in their story.

eMagin's Z800 3DVisor delivers a high-color, high-contrast virtual image equivalent to a 105-inch screen viewed at twelve feet, in full-color 3D stereovision. The 3DVisor's high-speed headtracking enables 360-degree viewing. Completing the user's experience is an integrated audio system with high-fidelity ear buds and a built-in, noise-canceling microphone. To power all these capabilities, the 3DVisor requires only a standard USB port and can greatly extend a laptop's battery life when it's used instead of the standard LCD.

These prizes by eMagin are available to MegaGames op 10 Voters from all over the world.

One lucky U.S. based voter will get the unique opportunity to win the amazing EVO: Phase One PC/Console hybrid and receive it in September 2006, two weeks before the rest of the world can enjoy its benefits. The same winner will also get a USD 100 cash prize immediately.
EVO: Phase One will be unveiled at E3, 2006 while its launch will take place in September 2006, meanwhile you can view the EVO: Phase One teaser trailer

The EVO specifications are:
AMD Athlon 64 3000
80 hard drive (7,200 rpm)
DVR Tuner Card / HDTV Support /Ethernet /Firewire
Microsoft Media Center 2005
Slot Loading DVD-Burner
Wireless keyboard & mouse
ATI Radeon Card
CoolIT Systems Inc customized liquid cooling system

Enjoy amazing quality gaming and multimedia on the EVO: Phase One.

We are proud to announce that eDimensional is offering its amazing AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset to one of our voters. Read what MegaGames staff thought of the eDimensional AudioFX headset, when it was reviewed last month, by following the banner link above.

The Top 10 MegaGames of 2005 is not an event aimed at discussing the PC/Console divide which seems to be growing, largely due to the promises made by next-generation console manufacturers, it was a simple way for you to voice your opinion about any game which you enjoyed and that was released during 2005. For the first time ever, gamers have also had a chance to vote for their Worst Game of 2005, the title that frustrated you the most or that you found the most disappointing, the game that made you regret its price tag.

In a year that produced a couple of decent movie tie-in titles, a plastic Star Wars game, Cities filled with Heroes and Villains and more Strogg than you can shake a joystick at, if you cannot come up with any noteworthy titles you are a true gamer as you have finally managed to turn your brain into complete, gamepad controlled pulp; hung your head in shame while reading some of the games our readers have already recommended: King Kong, Matrix:Path of Neo, Lego Star Wars, City of Heroes/Villains, Quake 4, Resident Evil 4, Fahrenheit, Project Gotham Racing 3, Shadow of the Colossus, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, The Warriors, Call of Duty 2, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, Psychonauts, Darwinia, Nintendogs, The Movies, God of War, Battlefield 2, Civilization 4 and so many more games are all waiting for your votes on their way to becoming the Top MegaGame of 2005.

The list above should in no way limit your choices and you are free to vote for any game on any platform as long as it was released in 2005. A total of three votes for the Top MegaGame of 2005 were accepted from each voter while each one of you also had the opportunity to give us a brief explanation regarding your choices. This year an additional category was introduced for your voting pleasure; that of Worst Game of 2005. There is nothing more frustrating then playing a game whose creator did not think things through. Few disappointing experiences can compare to the frustration we felt when trying to maneuver our vehicle in Driv3r while some of you may have had similar experiences with various other games. We have noticed that a lot of our readers contact MG in order to complain about a game, this is your chance to make yourselves heard and hit back at developers who you may think have shortchanged you. Welcome to the Democracy of MegaGames.

In order to convince readers to follow through on their democratic duty, MegaGames will enter all voters into prize draws, offering them the opportunity to win one of the many gaming-related prizes that our sponsors will be offering. This will be the ultimate gaming celebration that will reach its climactic peak when the Top MegaGame of 2005 is announced.


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