Total War: Warhammer III's next DLC focuses on big monsters

Total War: Warhammer III's next DLC focuses on big monsters

Total War: Warhammer III is known for its wide range of races, but recent updates have tended to focus on the less monstrous factions. That's coming to an end with the next DLC, as it will focus on the Khorne, Ogre Kingdoms, and Greenskins races.

News in brief:

  • The next DLC will focus on Greenskins, Khorne, and Ogre Kingdoms
  • Speculation is rife
  • There's no date for release


Revealed by a community manager on Discord, this seems to be a change from the previously shared roadmap, which, while not explicit, hinted that the sensual daemons of Slaanesh would be the focus of the next DLC. However, a lot has changed in the time since Warhammer III's roadmap was laid out, so it's possible Creative Assembly has made some tweaks to its plans going forward.

It's a popular trio to focus on, however. Of the three races, two are from Warhammer III itself, and while the trend has been for recent DLC to make tweaks and additions one of the game's four daemon factions (in this case, the blood-soaked adherents of the blood god, Khorne), the inclusion of the Ogre Kingdoms is a bit of a surprise. However, the ogres have been something of a problem since launch, with many players finding their gameplay lacking in the "spice" other factions have. As such, an overhaul may be on the cards.

But new lords to command your armies and new units are fully to be expected. The safe bet for the Ogre Kingdoms is the addition of Golgfag Maneater, a mercenary captain who would also lead well into an expected Dogs of War content pack later down the line. For Khorne, it's not clear who'll be included, but Herald of Khorne Skulltaker is a strong choice.

The orc and goblin Greenskins is even more unclear, but a tantalizing option comes in the form of a legendary lord for the Forest Goblin faction. As has been suggested by members of the community, this lord could start in the forested section of Khuresh, a previously uncharted part of the Warhammer 3 map, and could start to open that section up.

Few details are available at this time, and since the last update, Thrones of Decay, is still largely fresh in player's minds, we don't expect to see this update any time soon.