Total War: Warhammer II's Dark Elf units revealed

Creative Assembly has finally revealed some of the units Dark Elf fans can expect to play with when the new game launches at the end of September, including dragons, rank and file troops and legendary lords who will lead their hordes into battle.

The in-engine trailer is our first real look at the Dark Elves and what they have to offer the glorious nations of High Elves and Lizardmen in the wars to come. Striking fear into the hearts of those enemies, the Dark Elves bring dark magic, heavy armor and a menagerie of monstrous creatures to bear. There's a red dragon and a fire-breathing hyrda to contend with if you weigh your forces against them.

Legendary Dark Elf champion, Malekith the Witch King of Naggoroth is also present in this reveal. As the arch leader of the Dark Elves, he'll lead them to war if players choose him as their champion and even hints that there may be a phoenix reborn as part of the game.

Considering Malekith's own father was known by that title, could it be that he'll be looking to resurrect his long-dead family member for greater power and glory?

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