True Crime Sequel Gets Big Cast

True Crime Sequel Gets Big Cast True Crime Sequel Gets Big Cast

True Crime: New York City's drama will be brought to life by a cast of seasoned actors who will lend their distinct voice talents to the game's main characters. The cast includes Christopher Walken as FBI field agent Gabriel Whitting; Laurence Fishburne as drug kingpin Isaiah "The King" Reed; Mariska Hargitay as New York Police Lieutenant Deena Dixon; Mickey Rourke as New York Police Detective Terrence Higgins; Esai Morales as New York Police Organized Crime Unit chief Victor Navarro; Traci Lords as madam Cassandra Hartz; and up and coming actor Avery Waddell as former gangster turned cop Marcus Reed, the game's main character and Isaiah Reed's son.

Former policemen Bill Clark, who also served as the executive producer of NYPD Blue, and Tom Walker, author of Ford Apache: The Bronx, consulted on the storyline for Activision's True Crime: New York City which puts players in the role of Marcus Reed, former gang member turned cop. Through the game, players use and abuse their authority to hunt down the murderer of Marcus' mentor while also cleaning up Manhattan neighborhoods from Harlem to Chinatown. Undercover investigations weave players through a murderous web of gangs and deceit as they battle crooks, Marcus' past and everything else the city throws at them.

True Crime: New York City will be available this fall for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube.