Turtle Rock debuts new Evolve monster The Kraken at E3

If you've been excited by Evolve for a while, but were worried that there was only one monster set to be available when the game released in October this year, then neer fear, as Turtle Rock has shown off a new, Cthulu inspired monstrosity at E3 already, despite its official tournament not beginning until later today.

It's called the Kraken, and features long tentacles, a multi-eyed faced and enough ranged attacks to keep it at a distance. It can also fly for short periods of time, making tracking it instead of the Goliath, a whole new ball game.

Initially shown off in this short trailer, we see the Kraken attack the opposing hunters with its now tell-tale electrical and gravity well attacks, as well as taking to the air to avoid any close combat problems.

However we also got a really good look at it in non-trailer form in IGN's coverage, which has four staffers facing off against a fifth, in a battle for supremacy on Shear.

While the Kraken might have less health and armour than Goliath and is therefore a little more nuanced to play, it's still very capable and does a lot of damage if you don't work together. Likewise, as if evidenced in the video above, if you run off on your own, you're all going to get eaten by plants eventually.

It's not until you watch the final video though, where Turtle Rock producers talk about the game and what it's got still to reveal that you get an idea of the game's scope. So far we've seen two monsters, eight hunters and three maps, but that's not even close to all. There's another monster and four new hunters to show off before release and a total of 12 or more maps will ship with the game.

Beyond that there's more hunters, more monsters and maps, all of which can be played against and on, by everyone, though if you want to play as the new hunters or monsters you'll need to dish out for DLC.

Also bad news, Xbox One gets the beta exclusively and will get the first shot at all DLC. Bummer.

Evolve is releasing on PC, Xbox One and PS4 this October 21st.

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