Ubisoft Calls to Juarez

Ubisoft Calls to Juarez Ubisoft Calls to Juarez

Techland has officially confirmed that Call of Juarez will be published for PC in North America and Germany this summer by Ubisoft.

Imagine yourself in the Wild West, duels at high noon, daring bank robberies and gold rush. Face legendary gunslingers and professional killers, take part in spectacular gunfights and horseback chases. In the single player campaign players select the role of one of two opposing heroes, each with different weaponry and fighting styles.
Billy is a rebel and a brawler who was accused of murder and is now trying to escape the long arm of the law. Reverend Ray is a former gunslinger, who deserts the church and takes an oath to deliver his kind of bullet-coated justice to Billy, and all the criminals he stumbles upon.

During the game, players will have to make decisions in the blink of an eye to get away as Billy or to catch him as Ray.

Call of Juarez is made of authentic western situations such as: trekking through the vast and wild North American territories, teaming up with Native Americans, brawls in saloons and gunfights or simply having some fun in a local brothel. The game allows players to use world objects as melee weapons or tools to solve logic puzzles.

In multiplayer mode, gamers will take part in typical western situations, such as: train and bank robberies, ambushing criminals, chases, liberating prisoners and town gunfights.

Call of Juarez uses the third installment of the Chrome Engine. Graphics, AI and multiplayer mode will immerse you in the Wild West as never before.

This is the second time Techland, a Polisgh studio, manages to secure a major publisher for one of its titles. The company's earlier game, Chrome, was distributed by Take2.