Ubisoft Confirms Wii U Box Art

Wii U Logo

When box art images of Wii U games began appearing on the Canadian version of Amazon yesterday, some questioned if they were legitimate. Now we have official confirmation, with Ubisoft PR rep, Michael Beadle, saying to GameTrailers that yes, these are real.

"Why yes, the Wii U box art you sent is legit; in fact, it’s too legit to quit," he said. Showing that PR guys sure know how to talk cool to the kids.

The game box art that we've been given the "legit" view of, includes: Avengers: Battle for Earth, Just Dance 4 and Assassin's Creed 3. Each featured the blue and yellow colouring surrounding the Wii U logo, suggesting that will be the official scheme for the sort-of next-gen system, in a similar fashion to the Xbox 360's green and white.

While I'm sure Nintendo reserves the right to change its release plans at any time, it's also interesting to note that Assassin's Creed 3 is listed as hitting the shelves on October 30th - slightly sooner than the predicted Christmas period Wii U release. Perhaps we'll be seeing Nintendo's new console as early as the start of November.