Valheim's Bosses Are now Much harder

Valheim's Bosses Are now Much harder

Valheim's five major bosses are no longer the cakewalk that they once were — for some players — following a round of recent updates. Along with some fixes to world breaking bugs, Valheim's bosses now have more health, greater resistances, and quicker cooldowns, which should make them more of a challenge to even the best Valheim players.

Viking survival simulator, Valheim, is the hit game of the year so far. After just a few weeks of being in Early Access, it's sold more than four million copies and has garnered untold praise for its lightweight approach to survival elements, while still providing an engaging experience complete with a gorgeous lo-fi world to explore, excellent progression, and epic bossfights.

Those bosses have become aa little less off a challenge in recent weeks, however. As players have grown more capable at knocking them off their lofty perches, developer Iron Gate Studios has decided to make them a little bit tougher.

In the latest 0.146.8 patch, the developer notes that "Some balancing fixes [were] made on bosses to make them more challenging ( u guys are killing them too fast )."

Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth have all had their difficulty increased. Moder's hitpoints have gone up by a further 2,500, Yagluth has much greater resistances, and Bonemass' cooldowns mean his melee attacks will come far more quickly.

Bugfixes this time around include some crafting double up issues, improved player ragdoll physics, world corruption bugs during logouts, and Vulkan support has been added for Windows, among other improvements.

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