Watch Dawn of War III voice actors bring 40k to life

Warhammer Dawn of War III is set to arrive on our grimdark PCs in just under two weeks' time, so until then we're having to content ourselves with trailers and screenshots. The latest one to be released is a look at the voice acting process - how do the voice actors bring to life some of the bravest heroes and evilest villains in the galaxy?

In the video we meet the voice acting team, the voice and audio team managers at Relic and see the process of how they put together the voices, sounds and everything in between.

The 40K universe might be dark and dreary, but it's full of expressionable characters, from the machine spirits that are housed within some of the monstrous creations of the Imperium, right through to the brutish Orks, who have their own unique personalities too.

Dawn of War III is set for release on PCs around the world on April 27.

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