WiiWare Super Meat Boy Cancelled Because It Was ‘Shitty’

WiiWare Super Meat Boy Cancelled Because It Was ‘Shitty’

Team Meat, the developers of the increasingly popular Super Meat Boy has had to cancel the WiiWare version of the game after deciding that it would be "a piece of shit version of Super Meat Boy."

"There is no way to avoid the fact that if we released a 40MB version of Super Meat Boy it would be a shit version of the game," Super Meat Boy designer Edmund McMillen said. "It's a lose lose situation, but the fact of the matter is if we release a shitty game, we will have to live with that for the rest of our careers and have to cop to the fact that it is a shitty game."

In order to fit within the WiiWare strict size limit of 40MB, Team Meat had to remove the leaderboards and all the Dark World levels. They also had to remove music from boss fights and cutscenes and to restrict the total number of music tracks in-game to six. Furthermore, the game would have no support for downloadable additions.

"We knew of the limits early on but overestimated our ability to get Nintendo to raise the file size," McMillen admitted. "It's lame that there is a 40MB cap on WiiWare games ... but it was our fault for blindly assuming this cap wasn't set in stone, and we are sorry for that."

Team Meat has already contacted several publishers to distribute Super Meat Boy for Wii through retail DVDs, but they "passed on the title because they believe Wii retail is a bad idea profit wise. Most places we have talked to believe that only Nintendo brand games sell well on their system and don't even understand why we want to release Wii retail."