The Windows 10 Performance patch doesn't make things worse

Many Windows 10 gamers have found that recent patches have seen a severely negative impact on their in-game performance, leading to many rolling back to earlier iterations of the operating system and others waiting patiently for a patch to fix the issue. Microsoft has now released just such a patch, and it at least doesn't appear to make the problem work. Some have seen games that did crash no longer do so, but there isn't much in the way of performance improvements to be found.

The problem with Game Mode was the way it appeared to apply certain power plans to the system when games were being played, potentially leading to the system not having enough power to really push its internal hardware as much as was required of it. This lead to lacklustre performance for some, and outright crashes for others. Microsoft claims that the latest patch solves this issue, as well as updating and fixed problems with gaming services, sound issues in certain games, internet connections dropping in-game when using a VPN, and overall reduced performance in certain titles when using Game Mode.

PCGamer did some preliminary testing with this patch and found that some games see a performance benefit from the patch, while others actually appear to perform worse than before. The prevailing result though, is little change at all. It may be that certain CPUs and GPUs respond better to the patch, or were more impacted before, and less so after, but it's not the most exciting of results from a patch that was designed to improve performance across the board.

Have you downloaded the new patch? If so, how is it working for you?

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